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Some of the activities we offer in our moodle learning platform can be visited free of charge in this blog. For detailed information about our online lessons, or on the different ways to get  full access, please contact us via this form.

All activities of this blog have been designed for connection from iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone (double tap on the screen or landscape mode to get full player options).

In order to access from your computer the best option is moodle, however the exercises are available with basic audio options.

Each topic consists of an audio file and / or video at normal speed and the same audio with a speed reduction of 20%:



pero también los nuevos valores; la televisión es cómoda, móvil, autoprogramable

This reduction in speed allows to capture  pronunciation details that are difficult to catch at a normal rate, thereby improving your listening comprehension.

Each unit also includes a vocabulary quiz and the complete transcript of the audio / video with exercises solution  and vocabulary support.

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  2. I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site

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